Marinefloor Products

Main Cube
Dimension LxWxH 500x500x400mm(±3%)
Weight 6.8kg(±3%)
Buoyancy cap 91.5kg/Cube
Material Recyclable PE compound
Main modular unit for floating structure.
High density polyethylene compound. Colors available upon request.

Light Cube

Dimension¢xH 500x500x400㎜(±3%)
Weight 7.2kg(±3%)
Solar energy generated light cube
8 hours at night time by daytime sun light
Roller Slider
Dimension LxWxH 1000x500x400mm(±3%)
Weight 10.0kg(±3%)
Buoyancy cap 100kg/Slider
V-shaped cube intended to accomodate a boat or jetski.
Colors available upon request.
Dimension LxWxH 500x270x135mm(±3%)
Weight 1.85kg(±3%)
Material E.V.A Compond
Special devide to prevent any moored objects from damages.

Center Pin

Dimension LxWxH  180x240mm(±3%)


Pin to combine four cubes together.
high molecular PE compound. Several colors avalible.
Slider Fixer
Dimension LxWxH 154x46㎜(±3%)
Weight 0.25㎏(±3%)

 Fixer to asseble sliders



Cleat Pin

Weight 1.50kg(±3%)
Cleat pin for mooring PWC
Tool Set
Dimension LxWxH 2.3kg(±3%)

S.S., MC Nylon
Galvanized steel



Heavy Duty Cleart

Dimension LxWxH


Material Galvanized Steel
Mooring Bar
Dimension LxWxH 590x165x30mm(±3%)
Material MC Nylon
Winch System [include 4 pins]
Dimension LxWxH 760x760x430x10mm(±3%)
Weight 12.0kg(±3%)
Material Galvanized Steel
Mooring Frame
Dimension LxWxH 590x590x50mm(±3%)
Weight 9.1kg(±3%)
Material Engineering Plastic

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